8/2-4 cousins, cousins, cousins!

Posted on by Nicole Conant

This August we road tripped to Seattle for a quick weekend cousin meet-up, starting with a BBQ at Drew, Kim & Lewis' place. Being fellow beer aficionados, the afternoon included a sour beer tasting, yum! Both the ones pictured below are from Portland's Cascade Brewing.

Sour samples.

Here Julian & Lewis on the couch—I'm quite sure this is only the first of many cousin couch hang-out photos—and luckily, only one lack-of-body-control collision. Pretty amazing these two are only a handful of hours apart in age! 

Cousins: Lewis, Abby & Julian. 

As always, Drew impressed us with his culinary excellence. Jon snuck a photo of me & Jules. Four Hanft D's on a couch (yes, Julian Drake counts as a D).

Later that night with Lita, Uncle Seth & Aunt Richelle. (Popa Rich & Cousin Olivia not pictured.) Then the next day we walked around Green Lake in perfect summer weather!


Lita & Popa Rich walking Olivia to Squirrel Pizza, then Lita & Jules at a super cute mid-western pub by Hilliard's in Ballard.

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