When I root, I root for the Timbers!

Posted on by Nicole Conant

Last summer was my first soccer game in Portland (Thank you Celena & Shoam!). It didn’t take much to get me hooked—not only is the game a blast to watch, you have chanting, singing, flags, smoke bombs and… scarves! So, being the crafty gal I am (and totally back into weaving thanks to my day job giving me the chance to work with the lovely ladies at MoCC on the Laurie Herrick exhibition materials), I decided to make my own Timbers rally scarf. #RCTID!

I started the project in early March when the billboards were in full swing.

Lucky me, I had some yummy green and yellow 14 oz. cotton in my stash to start with (woohoo!); I chose a classic and tough point twill pattern, measured the warp and dressed the loom.

By the end of March, I had finished threading, tied the warp ends and hooked the shafts to the treadles. In April I had two solid sessions of weaving, the first started with a relaxing early afternoon of $2.50 beers on Lompoc’s sunny patio (one of the few sunny days in April), I listened to a random mix of the following: Pearl Jam (boxed anniversary set), The Kills’ new album Blood Pressure and the new Radiohead King of Limbs. The second session was another rare sunny day and also happened to be a game day (the first home game I was able to get tickets to). I knew I had to finish weaving and get it in my hand and ready to rally, so, I grabbed a Hop Czar, listened to a mix of Viva Voce and put some pedal to the treadle (little weaving humor there).

I finished with an hour to spare and the 4/31 game was as awesome as I’d hoped: Jeld-Wen was packed, scored awesome seats behind 107 (Thank you Maureen & Damion!), the fans were rowdy, and we won!

Even the Max ride home (well, in our case, to Spirit of 77) was full of fans chanting.