Kitchen nook

Posted on by Nicole Conant

The kitchen nook was one of the features that sold us on our house, so customizing it was something I wanted to do right away. All-in-all, the process took about a month of weekend-only work, and to celebrate we threw a party with tasty Moroccan cuisine, cardamom infused drinks, and a best of Bollywood movie in the basement theater.

Process (from left):

  1. What I started with: white paint over many layers of wallpaper.
  2. Taking off the wallpaper. This took several hours of steaming, scraping and many buckets of vinegar and water to get all the glue off the plaster walls, yech.
  3. Painting. The gold paint was so much fun to work with—it had the perfect amount of shimmer, not too glittery and just dull enough to match the chandelier!
  4. Pillows. Making these was a blast, I painted them first, then sewed the seams, that way I didn’t have to worry about catching edges with paint.
  5. The curtains. These were flipped and folded so that they would billow out like genie-pants and I added little belly dancer bells to the top so they would jingle when you move them.