Everglades, alligators and Key West (Florida, part 1)

Posted on by Nicole Conant

This February, Jon and I were fortunate enough to travel to sunny Florida to meet family and spend time exploring the SE coast.

The Everglades
Our trip started at Shark Valley Visitor's Center, where alligators were literally all over the trail, luckily, they're slow-ish on the ground. 

Then we travelled a bit farther South and took a ride on an airboat, if you're in the area, I highly recommend going on one, ours was so interesting and we really got to see the heart of the 'glades, including more wildlife, including 'gators and even vultures!

The Keys
The Keys are something else, such a different climate/terrain to see when you're used to Pacific Northwest Doug firs and rain! En-route to Key West we didn't see any of the 3 ft. tall Key deer, but heard all about trees used to make zombies in Big Pine from my dad, classic.

Key West
Key West was fun, the houses were cute and the town itself was very walkable and friendly—in fact, a street artist gave us a painting while we were waiting to meet up with family! And, the pool at our hotel was fantastic: saltwater, waterfall and clear sky full of stars, it was pretty magical.