Welcome to Miami (Florida, part 2)

Posted on by Nicole Conant

Miami Beach
We arrived in Miami around dusk, checked into our apartment (we really lucked out on a super cozy airbnb find—right in the heart of Miami Beach, only blocks from the beach, Lincoln Road, a grocery store and public transportation) and headed to the beach. It was so warm and lovely, then a torrential downpour happened, but no matter, we're from Portland, and the rain was fine, it was still 80 degrees!

The next morning we went to the 11th Street Diner, which happens to be right across the street from Miami Beach Police Department, may not have been Miami Metro, but still felt very Dexter-ish. Then walked along the beach, checked out the Art Deco buildings, passed through Española Way and over to Lincoln Road. We had lunch at Yardbird, it was fantastic, probably the best meal we had on the whole trip! Then that night, we walked over to the Wolfsonian Museum—on Fridays, they have free admission, score!—saw the Postcards of the Wiener Werkstatte exhibition as well as some of the pieces in their collection.

The next morning we took public transportation over to the Wynwood district—we happened to be in town during Art Wynwood, so we started there, which was super cool because we were able to see some impressive international contemporary artwork, but it was nothing compared to what we were about to see.

The Wynwood Arts district is an absolute must-go if you're in Miami, it has by far the best grafitti I've ever seen and it's EVERYWHERE! We hit a couple coffee shops, Lester's and Panther and walked around. (Panther was better and the crowd made me smile, check out the dude in a mohawk wearing a baby!)

By this time it was getting late in the afternoon, so we headed back to the beach for a beautiful sunset and a walk past a bikini photo shoot (it just wouldn't be Miami Beach without one!).

Everglades, alligators and Key West (Florida, part 1)

Posted on by Nicole Conant

This February, Jon and I were fortunate enough to travel to sunny Florida to meet family and spend time exploring the SE coast.

The Everglades
Our trip started at Shark Valley Visitor's Center, where alligators were literally all over the trail, luckily, they're slow-ish on the ground. 

Then we travelled a bit farther South and took a ride on an airboat, if you're in the area, I highly recommend going on one, ours was so interesting and we really got to see the heart of the 'glades, including more wildlife, including 'gators and even vultures!

The Keys
The Keys are something else, such a different climate/terrain to see when you're used to Pacific Northwest Doug firs and rain! En-route to Key West we didn't see any of the 3 ft. tall Key deer, but heard all about trees used to make zombies in Big Pine from my dad, classic.

Key West
Key West was fun, the houses were cute and the town itself was very walkable and friendly—in fact, a street artist gave us a painting while we were waiting to meet up with family! And, the pool at our hotel was fantastic: saltwater, waterfall and clear sky full of stars, it was pretty magical.